Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Allie's Big Day Tomorrow

Allie excited about how she decorated her cupcake.  This is how our excitement is tonight!

Our excitement for tomorrow is growing and growing and I can hardly stand it.  It's excitement as if we are doing one of the following:
1) Going to a concert to see a great show
2) Leaving for a two week vacation
3) Bringing the girls to Disney World for the first time

Unfortunately AND fortunately, our excitement involves meeting a doctor for the first time and praying that after he reviews all of Allie's records and asks us a thousand questions he has some instinct that he might be able to help us find a diagnosis for Allie.  We will meet Dr. Brown at GI Associates here in Wausau tomorrow morning at 9:45 am.   This will be the 3rd doctor that is reviewing Allie's case and we are praying he is what we have been searching for.  I have heard Dr. Brown is very dedicated to his patients and works very hard at figuring out their medical issues and finding a diagnosis.

I know I won't be able to sleep tonight because of all my excitement for her appointment - I'm very thankful for this excitement and even though Children's Hospital of Wisconsin and Mayo Clinic are not able to diagnose Allie with anything, it doesn't mean it's the end of the road for us.  As Allie's mom, I will continue to search for a diagnosis so we have a road map as to how to treat her medical issues.  Right now, my personal opinion is that we are not treating her the best way possible, however I do not have a medical background so I sometimes question my instincts.  Of course, I do not want to do anything that jeopardizes Allie's health so getting another opinion on her eating habits and lack there of, will put my mind at ease. 

I will update you after Allie's appointment tomorrow and hopefully it's good news!!!!

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  1. After 9 months of chasing the illusive diagnosis, I understand your thoughts on seeing the new doctor. I am reading your blog backwards, so I already know what happens at the appointment, but I just wanted to comment and say I understand. I remember leaving the neurologists office the last time we saw him, and we were excited that he told us that he thought Madison may have suffered a stroke or that she has a very specific chromosomal disorder. Excited that our daughter may have had a stroke...okay we were excited by the prospect of finding the cause of Madison's issues, not the stroke itself. Just to have a name to put over the symptoms is step one in finding the cure or the best treatment or at the very least to get an idea of what to expect in her lifetime. I think one of the things I hate most about the NG tube is how visible it is. Everywhere we take her we have someone ask us what is wrong with her...the pain and embarrassment of not being to answer that question is undescribable. We normally mumble something about her congenital heart defect and walk away, even though we know her feeding issues and the NG tube have NOTHING to do with the heart defect the doctors removed 7 months ago.

    I pray that Dr. Brown has wisdom and knowledge beyond everyone's expectations and that he finally finds the problem and offers the name that can bring healing and overcoming!!