Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Quick Update

As some of you may know, it was an interesting day yesterday in regards to Allie and her medical issues. I received a call from her GI doctor (Dr. Brown) and he said that we needed to bring Allie into the ER right away for evaluation. Her stool sample had grown pseudomonas bacteria which can potentially be very dangerous. In addition to the bacteria, Allie has been having very abnormal stools the past 3 weeks, she has had a persistent dry cough and has been sleeping much more than normal. With all of these items, Dr. Brown and our Pediatrician felt she needed to be brought to the ER. I immediately contacted our Pediatrician and started asking questions since I didn't really feel like Allie needed EMERGENCY treatment. However, of course I didn't want to risk anything for poor little Allie so I was going to do whatever they suggested.

After talking to our Pediatrician, she contacted an Infectious Disease specialist at the Marshfield Clinic and he recommended we keep Allie out of the hospital due to many other virus and bacterial bugs she could pick up with a suppressed immune system. So, our new plan is this: Allie is seeing our Pediatrician today at 11:45. She will get fully evaluated and after the exam, she will get chest X-rays to rule out phenoma and then she will get extensive blood work done to check for any bacterial infections, etc. (According to the infectious disease specialist, it does happen that pseudomous bacteria shows up in stool but it's not a big problem) I am hoping we get some results quickly because I'm very nervous about all of this. On the outside, Allie seems to be doing great and playing like usual, unfortunately, all to often with children who have GI issues, there is more going on inside than we know. So, I'm anxious to get Allie to the doctor and get everything checked out so we can treat what is needed and continue on to get her healthy.

I will update later today with what we find out. Please keep Allie in your prayers that everything checks out okay and all test results are in our favor.
Allie chillin before her doctors appointment (I'm nervous to tell her she needs to get blood drawn)

Allie rocking out with her guitar - she takes after her dad


  1. Awww, Jodi. I feel for you guys sooo much! She is such a doll and I'm sorry you guys have to go through this. I pray that you all get answers soon that make your lives easier. Do you guys have a diagnoses yet? This is just such an incredible situation. Take care of her and eachother! Love yas!~Emily Hord

  2. God's blessings Jodi and Allie. Will be praying for you guys as always in hopes they get to the core of this problem soon. Hugs..Elsa & Cecil

  3. Prayers being sent your way.. I hope all goes well at her doctors appointment today!

  4. Let us know as soon as you know something!!!

  5. Praying for Allie and will be looking for a good update! :)

  6. Jodi,

    I am praying for Allie today to be covered in the Lord's health and wellness. I am also praying for mommy to have peace while she has to walk through this. Please let us know what you all find out.

    I am praying for your family today and sending big hugs!