Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Day After

As always, the day after Allie's appointment with the doctor, I continually run everything through my head trying to see if we missed anything or if anything we discussed was extremely significant.  The day after the appointment, I spend hours on the computer researching all the things we discussed and the tests they would like to run on Allie.  I try to figure out how much extra radiation she will be receiving with the tests since Matt and I are very hesitant to expose her to more radiation since she's already had her fair share this past year.  After all she has been through, we don't want to increase her chances of cancer by exposing her to unnecessary radiation. 

I was able to bring Allie's stool sample in this morning and all I can say is STINKY!!!!  There is no doubt that her poop has been abnormal lately.  I'm happy that Dr. Brown trusted us and and felt it was a good thing to check it all out.  I of course looked up all the things they are checking her stool for and it's a wide range of things which is great.  From what I found, it looks like her stool results can even show if there are intestinal problems - amazing!  We all like tests that are non-invasive!!!

For the first time ever, the day after (our appointment), I am satisfied with how the appointment went.  I didn't feel rushed to fit Allie's 2 year medical information into a 10 minute time frame.  And the best thing is, Dr. Brown requested that our next appointment be scheduled into 2 slots so that he can take even more time with us to discuss Allie's issues.  Wouldn't it be amazing if he actually diagnoses Allie after we have been traveling to several locations far from home.  I know, I shouldn't get my hopes up but I can dream!

As for Allie, she is doing pretty well with her feedings.  She still doesn't like to wear the backpack but we are hoping that with time, she will get used to it.  Her oral intake is still very limited and she is only consuming approximately 50 calories a day.  Just another reminder that her feeding tube is saving her life.

It's hard to believe another Halloween has come and gone.  It was a blast and the girls enjoyed it so much this year.  I will end with a couple pictures - Chloe was a kitty (again this year) and Allie was the itsy bitsy spider. 

Chloe & Allie on front porch with their carved pumpkins
Chloe as a kitty cat (meowwwww)

Allie as the itsy bitsy spider

Us - Matt, Jodi, Chloe & Allie Berndt

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