Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I brought Allie in this morning to see her Pediatrician and the first thing her Pedi said is, "Wow, Allie looks great". I said, "thanks she is actually doing pretty well, hence the reason I didn't really want to traumatize her and bring her to the ER yesterday." The Pedi examined Allie and determined that her lungs sounded great and she said that no chest X-ray was needed. I got the feeling that nobody knew if anything was wrong with Allie - they just wanted to take precautions because of the pseudomona bacteria that is in her stool. Dr. Sweet said that her stool grew a lot of the bacteria - more than a normal person, however since Allie's GI track isn't "normal", she said it's probably okay for her. That really doesn't put me at ease and I'm not sure I'm okay with that. Pseudomona bacteria can be very scary and even Dr. Sweet said that we have to watch it very close because it can easily spread and become a life or death situation fast. So, my first question was.....what do we do about it and how do we get rid of it? Dr. Sweet said that she wants us to use culturelle children's probiotic's daily for a couple days and this should help firm up Allie's stool. If her stool is still abnormal early next week, we need to bring her back for another stool sample. In the meantime, if she gets a fever or starts sleeping anymore than she already is, we have to bring her in. So, let's just say I will be watching Allie very closely these next couple days!!!!

Allie had blood drawn this morning to check the following:
1) Thyroid stimulating hormone
2) Comprehensive metabolic panel
3) CBC with differential
The lab tech just called with the results and everything came back NORMAL! Of course everything came back normal, every test we run on Allie comes back normal. The only abnormal test result we ever got in our 2 years of testing has been the gastric emptying test. It's a relief to get normal results but frustrating because we still don't know anything more than we did yesterday.

We will try the probiotics and see if they help. Dr. Sweet does not want to give Allie anymore antibiotics at this point because she feels it will do more harm than good to her system. So, we are sitting ducks and waiting to see what happens. Praying nothing happens and Allie gets back to normal VERY soon.

After our appointment, we met Matt and Chloe for lunch at Arby's. Allie drank about 2 oz of milk int he van on the way there and once we got there, she only ate 1 bite of a french frie. She was acting completely normal, giggling with sister and of course being loud. All of sudden she coughed and I asked her if she was okay. She starting saying, "no feel good, no feel good". This is when you know she's going to throw up. It was lunch time so Arby's was busy and people were everywhere. I told Matt, quick go ask for a bowl and get extra napkins". I was reaching for anything to catch vomit and all I could think of was the tray. Within seconds, Allie started gagging and vomiting. Poor Allie was struggling to get anything up - keep in mind she only had a little bit to drink about 15 minutes before this. Everyone was watching us and I was very uncomfortable. I of course caught the vomit like a pro and kept her face clean and just talked her through it like normal. I can only imagine what everyone was thinking - it was a very awkward situation and we were smack dab in the middle. Let's just say that as soon as she was done vomiting, we packed up and high tailed it out of there. Pretty sure I won't show my face in there for a while. Poor Allie - I'm just so thankful she is too young to understand that everyone was watching her and wondering why she was throwing up and in such large amounts.

So now I sit and ponder why she threw up. We didn't tube feed her so her stomach wasn't pushed to the limit. She only drank 2 measly ounces of milk and that was all. Frustrating!!!!!

So, that's what our day was today - basically we didn't find anything out, like usual. I'm praying the probiotic's help Allie and her digestive issues because nobody likes having the diarrhea for 3 weeks straight!

Thanks for all of your prayers today - we really appreciate it.

I'll end with a picture of Allie napping (right now actually). She was scared to take a nap this afternoon, she kept saying, "doctor come in my room and hurt me". It's just heart breaking to see how traumatized she gets when going to the doctor. I feel bad for my little pumpkin!
My little princess napping after her doctors appointment this morning


  1. UGH!!!!! Not sure what to say...


  2. I agree with Stephanie...UGH!!!! I too am not sure of what to say...

    My prayers are with you. I pray the probiotics work quickly. If we were closer together I would give the giant bottle of probiotics we have in the fridge for Madison, they are in powder form and they clogged her tube time after time, so we quit using them, but they were about $100 for the bottle.

    Praying things improve soon.

  3. Jodi,Just remember don't worry about what others think so much, this just adds to your stess level, and you don't need it. You guys are such great parents and Allie is in great care. Praying everyday for your family:) Take Care. Jacki Adams

  4. Thanks ladies - I picked up some Culturelle Probiotics tonight at Walgreens. The box comes with 30 packets. I'm wondering if I can mix a packet with only "1" ounce of water or will that be too concentrated? The box say's it's flavorless but either way, I will just be putting it in her tube. Also, do you know if this will upset her stomach at all? Just curious if I can give her this before bedtime or should I wait until morning? Thanks so much!! I'm praying this helps her.